The enhanced Portfolio Analysis module in KeyedIn Projects now features “what if” scenario planning, which helps PMOs or services organizations select the most valuable project mix by allowing them to create and compare different permutations, or allowing them to create and compare different permutations, or scenarios, for each portfolio they manage without affecting production data.

The new capabilities, part of KeyedIn Projects 6.2, allow project leaders or executives to include and exclude projects from a given portfolio to create various scenarios and then assess the impact of those changes in terms of cost, benefit, and alignment.




KeyedIn MFG v6.3

  • Gantt performance
  • New review screen
  • Forecast improvements

KeyedIn MFG v6.2

  • “What if” scenario planning
  • Automated prioritization
  • RESTful API

KeyedIn MFG v6 Mobile

  • Improved collaboration
  • Push notifications
  • Expense claim improv…

KeyedIn MFG v6.1

  • My Projects resource tab
  • Non-reimbursable expenses
  • Simplified navigation

KeyedIn MFG v6

  • Reimagined UI
  • Configurable workspaces
  • Visual capacity planning

KeyedIn MFG v5.8.4

  • Complete Deliverables early
  • Exclude overtime
  • Data view updates

KeyedIn MFG v5.8.3

  • Import JIRA sprints
  • Import JIRA stories
  • Syncing story progress

KeyedIn MFG v5.8.2

  • Bulk supply changes
  • Confirmed & provisional demand
  • Recurring tasks/assignments

KeyedIn MFG v5.8

  • Auto-scheduling of reports
  • Single sign-on
  • Forecasting by named

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