Cloud Computing is the delivery of software as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and mobile devices as a service over the Internet. In other words, your ERP software, or application, is accessed simply by using a web address, Internet connection and computer - whether desktop, laptop, or another mobile device.

Cloud technology is more than the latest buzzword infiltrating all parts of our lives. This powerful technology known as “the Cloud” is a valuable resource that allows you to be more efficient and competitive. The primary drivers of this move to the Cloud include cost control, end-to-end process visibility and anytime, anywhere access to critical business information. More importantly, new technology is removing formerly rigid bounds of functionality that made traditional on-premise ERP solutions complex, difficult to manage and not widely adopted by key managers and team members in the manufacturing firm – including shop floor technicians.

The Cloud offers significant advantages over traditional or legacy on-premises ERP software, including:

  • Lower cost
  • Supreme scalability
  • Configurability
  • Improved user adoption
  • Rapid deployment
  • Reduced risk
  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • Frequent functionality upgrades

Exclusively with Cloud, the majority of the responsibility of software delivery shifts to the vendor. In other words, KeyedIn Manufacturing manages the software environment, updates, development, data center relationship, and back-up/disaster recovery services, to name a few. Imagine now that your IT team can focus on far more important business priorities.

This graphic clearly shows the responsibility shift from you to the Cloud ERP provider:


The benefits of the Cloud do not end here, however. Read below how the Cloud enables Visibility, Scalability, Accessibility, Security and improved Usability.


You gain competitive advantage with real-time views of production, inventory, reports, dashboards and more.

Let’s face it. Visibility gives you a competitive edge. When your data, process, and schedule are managed by a comprehensive ERP software solution, important tasks like inventory management and production control get more efficient, which also means more profitable. This is what the phrase “one source of the truth” means when it comes to data. You can rely on the information you see - information you rely on to run your shop floor.

Cloud technology allows you to communicate and collaborate with the power of accurate and timely data. Sometimes this means you’re mobile - in the field or with a customer. And of course, only Cloud ERP gives you access to your organization with a simple Internet connection. 

Visibility enables you to:

  • Drill down into production costs to make line-by-line comparisons, recognize trends, or compare suppliers.
  • Review estimates to find patterns that spell success - learning from your wins and from the ones that got away.
  • Scrutinize work orders to determine where the problem is, what caused a delay, or why your customer is dissatisfied.
  • Keep track of overall performance with automated reporting so you can easily compare quarter to quarter, year to year.

KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP provides the visibility you need to make more strategic decisions and target improvements to build a stronger business.

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You can access your ERP anytime, anywhere, and on any device

It’s more than just the ability to view a dashboard while you’re on vacation. True mobility improves your business. When your primary goal is revenue generation and customer retention, you’ll want your team equipped with the data they need to out-compete your competition and keep your production engine running smoothly. Here are just some of the ways you may want to access your data when you’re not in the office:

  • Set accurate delivery date expectations with your customer while you’re taking an order.
  • Determine available to promise dates based on accurate knowledge of your production schedule.
  • Assess your production schedule to watch for scheduling issues or inventory problems.
  • Understand or rework your profit margins while you’re at a vendor site negotiating a new contract.
  • Quickly rearrange the production schedule to accommodate the most important order you’ll fulfill this year.
  • Beat your competition with a fast and accurate quote in response to an RFQ.

Developed in the Cloud for the Cloud, our exclusive, configurable solution was built for flexibility and accessibility for manufacturers. Whether on the shop floor, in the office or on the road, KeyedIn Manufacturing can be accessed via the web.

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You have your eye on your growth initiatives.

You have outfitted your entire organization with your vision and the associated tactics to grow - grow production, grow orders, grow revenue. “Up and to the right” is the goal for all measurements related to growth and your entire organization must be nimble, agile and prepared to react when the market responds. This means your entire organization, including the technology that runs it.

In the past, on-premises software was purchased just ahead of your plan in terms of package size. Number of users, capacity for storage, and so forth had an upper limit. When you outgrew your software, it was time to go back to the capital expense review board to gain approval for an entirely new package. And the expense of this was not insignificant because it involves new equipment, installation, and downtime.

The Cloud today eliminates the headache of on-premises software rigidity. When you grow, your Cloud ERP software will not hold you back or slow you down. With KeyedIn Manufacturing, the software manages the capacity you need and scales computing performance and document storage up as needed.


Data Security You Can Trust

In an amazingly short period of time, even by the lightning-fast standards of technology evolution, the Cloud has become a ubiquitous resource, both for consumers and for businesses. Nearly 90% of companies now use the Cloud in some form, and it’s easy to understand why: Using Cloud resources gives companies the power to rapidly scale up operations and add new capabilities without making huge upfront infrastructure or on-premise application investments.

But despite the widespread adoption of the Cloud, some company leaders still don’t quite trust the cloud, especially when it comes to handling business-critical applications and data. They point to headlines about high-profile data breaches as evidence that information housed on the Cloud isn’t safe.

Is this a reasonable fear? The short answer is no. It certainly makes sense for company leaders to be concerned about data breaches and to take all reasonable precautions to protect business and customer information. But it doesn’t make sense to view the Cloud as a uniquely vulnerable technology or to believe that the information stored in on-premises servers at the typical enterprise is safer than data stored at a secure Cloud location. In fact, the opposite may be true.

KeyedIn understands that data security is one of your most important concerns when it comes to subscribing to applications online. That is why KeyedIn Manufacturing partners with a world-class data security provider, Dimension Data, a $6.7B company who serves 72% of the Fortune 100 and 60% of the Fortune 500 companies around the globe and whose core competency is protecting data. These experts stake their reputation on data security because they know nothing is more important to you.

Read more about the security of your data by downloading our "Security FAQs" below.

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