"Monday morning pipeline meetings do not have to mean Sunday night spreadsheet crunching."

  • Fill operational gaps with one solution from quoting to production to shipping - connecting all organizational departments
  • Automate formerly manual processes with estimate to sales order ease
  • When a sales order is created, the system automatically creates the necessary Production Methods based on the Quote BOM
  • Develop real-time reports and dashboards for accurate sales pipeline meetings
  • Reduce double entry data and eliminate manual tracking of prospects and customers
  • Create accurate quotes with pre-defined templates, access to previous or duplicated orders and see margins in real-time
  • Respond more accurately to customer requests with a single view of all orders, delivery times, and what’s in the pipeline

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Quoting and Estimating

"What do you do when you can’t remember what you charged this customer the last time they ordered"

Use the power of your ERP solution to help you secure the most profitable quotes and estimates.

    • Profitable and accurate estimates are the new normal with the power of an ERP solution that combines historical quote information with preferred vendor pricing and real-time margin calculations.
    • Gain access to previous orders to make quoting and estimating easier.
    • Understand how past estimates have performed against revenue expectations.
    • Maximize profit margins with real-time visibility of material, production, and shipping costs
    • Eliminate the silos of manufacturing operations with one version of real-time information from one solution

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    "How do you handle the pressure to keep inventory low without the risk of running it too close?"

    Be Lean - Keep only the inventory you need with visibility into real-time inventory needs.

    • Proactively manage inventory with real-time visibility of production schedule demand from both sales orders and materials allocation
    • Eliminate manual tracking of inventory, saving time when creating inventory reports and planning for production schedule
    • Realize cost savings by purchasing the right materials at the right time for production schedule - avoiding costly last minute orders
    • Manage complex purchase orders with multiple preferred vendors while still capitalizing on quantity breaks and vendor-specific pricing
    • Gain visibility into current and future production work orders and what production needs, when they need it - all in the same place

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    "Are you constantly pushing production scheduled work orders back?"

    Accurately determine work order processing time with visibility of production capacity in real-time.

    • Gain visibility of work order timing for more accurate scheduling and delivery
    • Eliminate cross over of information from sales to production with one solution fit for all departments
    • Minimize scheduling changes with real-time views of production scheduling
    • Make quick changes to production schedule for prioritization of important work orders
    • Maximize production resources with efficient production scheduling best practices

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    Production and Manufacturing Resource Planning

    Do you have immediate visibility of production demand and available supply?

    "Identify resource needs at touch-of-a-button speed with a color-coded view of your production floor."

    • Automate your production schedule with accurate capacity and inventory information
    • Quickly identify and relieve production bottlenecks
    • Proactively manage material shortages, labor overages and production schedule changes with real-time visibility of this critical information
    • Empower your production team with the solution that allows them to input process information and view production statuses in real-time
    • Reduce manual entry and paperwork by providing automated production status and materials reports to management via dashboards
    • Accurately view live ATP data with color-coded indicators to quickly visualize needs and level production before a problem occurs.
    • Gain visibility of available resources and inventory for work orders
    • Assign shop floor workers to specific work orders for optimized production performance
    • Identify late work orders quickly and adjust resources accordingly
    • Connect inventory with production with one solution for managing all production needs

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    "What happens when you lose the clipboard with the latest shipping schedule?"

    Automate shipping with dynamic control of your shipping schedule.

    • Create a mobile picklist on your tablet.
    • Gain visibility of production schedule status on work orders for more accurate shipping timelines
    • Easily select multiple shipping locations for your customer orders
    • Communicate shipment status in real-time with one solution for sales, accounting, production, and shipping
    • Ship line items by release schedule

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    Financial Management

    Connect your operations to your back office with integrated Cloud solutions to give you access to the real-time financial information that drives your profitability.

    KI_SageLiveSO         Sage_live_preferred_CMYK

    A single view of the business and real-time decision making
    • Access all key data in one place.
    • Integrate with Salesforce Sales Cloud and with thousands of business Apps thru real-time APIs.
    • Get a 360º of your business.
    New way of working
    • Share and receive business information with teams from any device.
    • Define groups and people you want to follow in the organization.
    • Send or receive spend requests just using approval posts.
    Multi-dimensional General Ledger
    • Track and see the financial performance of business the way you want.
    • Reports and dashboards can be presented from multiple perspectives like territory, team, project or any other criterion that is relevant for your business.
    Global accounting
    • Benefit a multi-lingual solution that meets their country legal requirements.
    • Share the same database across different countries to create a consolidated view of their business.

    Sage Live is a a mobile, social, and collaborative business solution that’s the “office of the future”

    For more information on the integration - click here.

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    Shop Floor

    Do you manually clock-in and clock-out on the master clipboard everyday?


    "Easily clock-in and clock-out on the shop floor using the latest modern technology."

    • Reduce manual entry and paperwork with a user friendly login screen
    • Quickly identify production issues with color coded work order statuses
    • Gain real-time access to all active operations assigned to shop floor team
    • Easily login using employee ID, pin number, or barcode
    • Assign shop floor workers to specific work orders for optimized production performance
    • Connect the front office with the production floor for a single version of the truth

    Cloud vs. On-Premises

    "What exactly does the Cloud mean?"

    Cloud ERP costs less to own, is mobile and scalable, easily integrates with your other business applications, and is constantly up-to-date when technology changes. And those are just a few of the advantages.

    Only with Cloud are you able to:

    • Access your software, data, processes, and dashboards anytime, anywhere, and on any device
    • Always have the most current software, seamlessly
    • Instantly run your MRP to actively control your production process, inventory, and customer orders
    • Add users as your company grows or your needs change
    • Access easy-to-use, intuitive navigation, improving your user experience
    • Rely on your vendor to manage maintenance issues
    • Rest assured that your data is securely backed-up
    • Relieve your IT team of server maintenance and allow them to focus on more strategic initiatives
    • Pay only an affordable, monthly, per-user subscription cost

    Read more about the advantages of the Cloud in the "Why Cloud" section of this website. 

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