We recently published a white paper titled How the Cloud is Changing Everything in the Manufacturing Industry .  A lot of ground was covered in that paper including a discussion of the information technology trends that impact manufacturers strategically and tactically.

The overarching theme of the paper is that the world of technology and information sharing is changing quickly, not only in manufacturing companies, but also in businesses of all types. To illustrate the amount of change, here are eight relevant statistics from the recent CIT Group and Internet Trends Reports on how businesses are using and benefiting from technology:

  1. 79{d12ad4259a8399e75738f9c800159088f39687ba874987d09229e181e1e1ac98} of influencers said that technology was high priority in their organizations.
    It’s evident that companies are noticing that markets are heading in the technological direction, so modern technology will be important for future growth and stability.
  2. 55{d12ad4259a8399e75738f9c800159088f39687ba874987d09229e181e1e1ac98} believe technology helps them differentiate from their competitors
    With modern technology in place, companies are noticing huge efficiency and productivity advantages saving the company time and money and giving them a competitive edge.
  3. 81{d12ad4259a8399e75738f9c800159088f39687ba874987d09229e181e1e1ac98} stated that investments in cloud computing had a positive impact on their organization.
    The benefits of Cloud technology aren’t only coming at the lower total cost of ownership, but companies are realizing the overwhelming advantages to real-time data with the Cloud.
  4. 86{d12ad4259a8399e75738f9c800159088f39687ba874987d09229e181e1e1ac98} stated that investments in automation had a positive impact on their organization.
    Automating existing manual processes gives companies a leg up while saving them valuable time and money in operations.
  5. 66{d12ad4259a8399e75738f9c800159088f39687ba874987d09229e181e1e1ac98} of small business owners are using mobile devices or solutions as part of their day to day operations.
    With employees and owners always “on-the-go”, being able to access important data via mobile devices is becoming top of mind for business owners.
  6. Despite the critical importance of technology, 27{d12ad4259a8399e75738f9c800159088f39687ba874987d09229e181e1e1ac98} of small businesses have no IT support.
    The Cloud eliminates the need for that back office IT support function through easy to use and accessible technology.
  7. Nearly 8 out of 10 SMBs still use manual integration such as manual Excel files, or custom code.
    While this may be true, that number continues to decline due to the increasingly popular adoption of modern technology to automate previously manually controlled processes.
  8. Computing costs continue to decline by 33{d12ad4259a8399e75738f9c800159088f39687ba874987d09229e181e1e1ac98} annually.
    As modern technology progresses and becomes more accessible it also becomes more affordable giving small and medium businesses access to state of the art technology to run their operations.

So what are the implications to you and your organization? First of all, as the graph below shows, there has been a profound shift in the technology landscape over the past several decades, and the trends are accelerating.

KeyedIn Manufacturing_Cloud timeline

In fact, according to the Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report – each new computing trend generated about 10 times the installed base as the previous trend. This means that once a trend is fully established (e.g. Cloud and mobile computing), the number of users will be exponentially higher than the previous trend (e.g. desktop computing and installed software). And once you understand the trend, you can align your organization to gain competitive advantage – especially when it comes to the important goals of operational efficiency and increased profitability.

Click here for an instant download of the entire whitepaper.

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May 13, 2016

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