What is ERP?

In short, ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP system is a solution that provides businesses access to data across various departments and disciplines.For manufacturers, this means tying together information from estimating through accounting.

There are many types of ERP solutions on the market, from generic to industry-specific. Deployment options are dependent on the type of ERP chosen. The three main deployment options are on-premise, hybrid, and cloud.

There are also two primary payment or financing options including purchasing a perpetual license with annual maintenance or the option to pay a single price either on a monthly or annual basis.

Over the past 40 years, ERP solutions evolved from out-of-the-box options, to highly customizable systems.

Traditional ERP vs. Next-Generation ERP

Traditional ERP, or legacy ERP, arrived in the 1980’s in the era of file servers and workstations where people worked in brick and mortar offices. Solutions were “heavy”, often difficult to implement and maintain.

Yes, this means that anytime a company needed to update their system, they had to hire an entire team to physically come into the office for deployment and upkeep.

Over the years, as businessesevolved, companies required their solutions to evolve with them. Today, as work frequently occurs outside of the four walls of an office and outside traditional business hours, legacy solutions fall short, giving rise to a new type of solution.

Today’s ERP is industry-specific, making it “leaner and meaner” and more able to meet the needs of agile operations. When deployed in the cloud, it further allows for collaboration across the business and entire supply chain.

Unlike traditional ERP, this next-generation solution is re-architected from the ground up. This solution optimizes the web with a streamlined approach tailored especially for manufacturers focused on eliminating waste from the top floor to the shop floor.

KeyedIn Manufacturing delivers on this promise as an industry-specific solution designed especially for custom and make-to-order manufacturers. Our solution that’s deployed in the cloud is a service available any time, anywhere, on any device.

What makes KeyedIn Manufacturing unique in today’s ERP world?

3 Unique Differentiators

1. Configurability:

Each manufacturer is unique. Legacy, out-of-the-box ERP solutions struggle to adapt to specific requirements, or lock heavily customized companies into old and unsupported solutions.

KeyedIn Manufacturing meets each manufacturer’s unique needs with a configurable solution. This means upgrades and updates are seamless and “invisible” to the user, deployed automatically, and the user-configured changes automatically re-apply over the top of the updates. No heavy lifting.

2. Implementation is Compressed:

When the solution is in the cloud, the implementation time is greatly reduced because no server, desktop configuration, or installation is required.

Cloud solutions are install-free allowing the implementation team to concentrate the entire implementation cycle on getting users/employees trained and on-boarded, and data either imported or created as needed.

3. Security:

Security of manufacturing data, especially part drawings and routing operations, is critical. Security remains top of mind for every small and mid-sized organization.

KeyedIn Manufacturing is on a Microsoft Azure platform with hundreds, if not thousands, of IT professionals securing the infrastructure and the data. It provides an extra layer of protection by offering an ITAR-compliant infrastructure.Additionally, multiple layers of redundancy (where data is backed-up and stored in different physical locations) almost ensures against any catastrophic failure.

3 Unique Advantages of KeyedIn Manufacturing

1. Improved Business Insight:

Regardless of where employees are physically located or where work occurs, team members can reach important data to immediately address the customer issue or question. With proper permission, each employee has 24/7 insight into the entire life cycle of a job from the first quote to final shipment.

Increased visibility means increased productivity. According to Forbes, “happiness is linked to productivity.” So not only does increased insight means increased customer satisfaction it also means increased productivity and decreased cost of doing business. It’s a win-win-win!

2. Increased Collaboration:

No matter where in the world your company, your customers, suppliers, or employees are can get access to the same information. Real-time insights lead directly to increased collaboration.

Instead of waiting until the next weekly production meeting, employees can jump online, review the data, and message colleagues, customers, or suppliers as needed.

3. Accelerate Efficiency:

Studies consistently articulate the value of increased efficiency after implementation of an end-to-end ERP solution. ERP solutions, like KeyedIn Manufacturing, allow companies to avoid duplicate data entry, cut reliance on manual paperwork or spreadsheets and reduce the chance for error.

Furthermore, ERP systems support implementation of best practices and the configurability of the solution allows for each company’s unique way of operating.

With access to historical data and real-time analytics, employees can quickly spot problems, notice trends, and patterns, and proactively service their customers at decreased cost and increased accountability.

Can your shop benefit from Next-Generation ERP?

In years past, ERP systems mainly benefitted large enterprises, but today, any company, large or small, that needs a top-down view of the business prospers with the right ERP application. No matter the industry or enterprise size, an ERP system proves beneficial.

If your manufacturing operation has countless manual processes, inadequate visibility into issues, and a lack of access to data that increases productivity, you can benefit from ERP.

To learn more about our next-generation ERP solution, call us today.

October 26, 2018

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